Romanian Art Map 27-8-2010

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And my question is how is it possible, that in an international event like this one that pretends to raise questions about political economy, possibility to produce differences and open the field of knowledge and consciousness…how is it possible that I don’t even have 20 euro of per diem?…How do you pretend to contest the dominant political economy while you have people working to produce your damn event who are not getting paid! I know there are people in this exhibit who were paid, and I was not. Why!? We can talk about theoretical things, we can talk about abstract things, but this is reality. I am a worker, a proletariat, I am producing works for your context and I am not paid!”


So let’s leave the narrative aside and ask the question few dare to bring up: Who decides what artists get paid and on what principles? It is beyond the scope of my entry to fully answer this question. Indeed it can be the subject of a thesis or a book. But it is an important issue to address, one that is mostly confined to the back-rooms of institutions.’

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