Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

Cosmic Volume Nr.49
A.side:Schaal 1:200  4.33 min.
B.side:Schaal 1:87    4.33 min.
7” black vinylrecord 45 RPM


Temporarily change of scale of Museum Le Secet


Published on the ocassion of
the exhibition at Museum Le Secet
’s HeerArendsKerke
The Netherlands

Researching the change of scale of Museum Le Secet.
The real world and the model as hybrid zones.
Change of scale is an exhibition that explores the architectural,the
visual and the audible qualities of this museum building and space.
The visual as well as the audio representation.
The artistic production presents itself as a vinylrecord document on
the affect of the  transformation and oscillating of this environment.
This related to the human being as sculpture in this space and
exhibition as a 1:200 and 1:87 scale.
The lack of a single perspectival structure due to multiplicity of
perspectives or forced perspectives after panoramic imaging a sort of
micro metamorphosis of sound and space.
The project was developed with the partnership

Museum Le Secet/Bianca Runge and MOSA Museum Of Small Art.

Officiële opening  12-02-2012 zondagmiddag  op de derde verdieping @ Re: Rotterdam.
Boompjes 60-68 Rotterdam.
15:00 Een openingswoord door Jozef van Rossum LIVE, overhandiging 7″ en plaatjes draaien door Jan.15:00

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen / http://www.iae.nl/users/jada

Vanaf 15 februari 2011 t/m eind maart te zien op de hoofdlocatie in s’Heer Arendskerke

Met dank aan de provincie Zeeland